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Our Expertise

Corporate Security Service’s expertise is well founded within the industry for providing highly qualified manned guards and ensuring high quality protection for all our clients.

Our induction programme is frequently reviewed, which results in a higher training interaction. Not satisfied with complying with basic industry standards, our induction training programmes have been designed around the need for practical applications. Added emphasis has been placed on creating work place environmental practices. Such materials as Conflict Management and Physical Interaction have been produced to ensure consistent practice. The training content has been standardised, building on best practice, to make the learning experience more relevant and more interactive ensuring all guards are fully equipped for transfer to the work environment.

Corporate Security Service implements specific training programmes for the Security teams. Part of the contract mobilisation includes a full training needs analysis in conjunction with the Management and the Team Members. All staff are expected to obtain minimum proficiency levels throughout their period of training.

Corporate Security Service understands clients need complete confidence in our services and we strive to provide and maintain the highest level of service at all times.

Our aim is always to recruit high caliber staff and we offer a high quality of service to our clients. Our Resourcing and Training networks work hard in identifying those individuals suitable for career advancement. Training needs are determined, and through a combination of formal appraisals and assessments we are able to ascertain those guards suitable for promotion.

Having invested heavily in our staff through the training and vetting processes, we are keen to ensure that we retain their services by fulfilling our duties as a responsible employer. Therefore, each assignment is managed by an Area Manager, whose responsibility it is to ensure regular visits are made to the site, reviewing all activity including the welfare and development needs of our staff. Our staff are supported through such means as:

  • Annual Appraisals
  • Dedicated Silent Hours Supervisory Support
  • Regular Management and Supervisory visits
  • National Control Center
  • Employees satisfaction surveys
  • Recognition Scheme